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Mountain Bike

Alan's Major Interests:

Outdoor Activities:

Skiing, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping & Mountain Biking

As a family we like a lot of outdoor activities. Marlene is not too keen on the Backpacking, Camping or Mountain Biking though - so those are "Man Things".  We do usually do a family Ski trip every year and some good hikes.

Scouting            Well - I got involved with my Boy's Scout Troop... a few years later I was the Scoutmaster - the era is now mostly over!

Soccer:               Yes I'm still playing soccer in an adult league - (except for in the summers)

Travel:                I travel quite a bit for work as well as for pleasure.

Cooking:             I like to cook - seriously I do, real food from scratch the hard way... well almost!

Reading:             I read a lot - magazines, newspapers, reference books, novels and on-line articles

Writing:              This is something of an evolving interest for me. I never wrote much by choice before...

Web Publishing: I have started as webmaster of several sites including this one!  

Video:                Just before Alex was born we bought our first video camera! Begin: Family Video!

Television:         We don't watch much live TV but we do have a few favorite shows we watch on the Tivo. We like the vintage TV channel - fun to watch old shows over again.

Photography:    We have lots and lots of photo albums at home ... (many many in scrapbooks even - thanks to Marlene's hobby)

Movies:                I like to watch movies - though I'm not thrilled by many big time Hollywood style movies (how did they loose their way so badly). I mostly like old movies and independent movies with more story than special effects 

DIY:                    I'll tackle almost any DIY project for our house - but No... I'm not available for hire!

My Car:             I spent about 3 years looking for my perfect car - a 1994 Porsche 928 GTS...

Rock'n'Roll        When I was younger I played in a Rock band...  really! (I was just never famous...)

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