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My Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Summer 2000


I had a great time rafting down the Colorado river from Marble Canyon to Whitmore wash in late August 2000. Met up with some folks who became good friends in a few days and had a wonderful time exploring the Canyon.                                 

A few Photos here:  

Or see my Full Detail Trip Diary

We set off from Lees Ferry after an overnight stay at Marble Canyon Lodge and our orientation meeting




  North Canyon - our first evening's stop                        
  - amazingly twisted rock formations                         












Olo Canyon - beachfront living on the Colorado River






A view down river from above Nankoweap just below the Indian Granaries          







Above the waterfall and the deep gorge at Deer Creek Falls












The clear green water of the Havasu Creek meets the brown mud of the Colorado River                             


It was a fantastic trip - amazing scenery and still quite unspoiled, some of the best beaches I've ever seen are deep down in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

More in my Full Detail Trip Diary

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