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Travel Planner - Places/Things Still to Do:

Near Term Destinations (really planning it):

Skiing in Arizona & California Winter/Spring 2010/2011

Places we have on our list to go sometime...

New Zealand (and possibly Australia)

British Virgin Islands

Montreal, Canada (or is it just Quebec?)

Whistler, BC Canada (Family Ski Trip)

Austria/Switzerland (Family Ski Trip)

South Lake Tahoe, CA (Family Ski Trip)

New Orleans, LA (when the debris is all cleared)

We'll Go Back To These Places:

Seychelles (location of our honeymoon)

Vancouver, BC Canada

Rocky Point, Mexico

San Francisco, CA

Telluride, CO (Ski - Alan)

Santa Fe, NM

Hawaii (Maui / Kauai / Oahu...)

San Diego, CA (Summer Escape)

Los Angeles, CA (Summer Escape)

Las Vegas, NV

Paris, France

London, England

Alan would like to visit these places - Marlene is not so sure...

Berlin, Germany

Edinburgh, Scotland (festival)

Moscow, Russia

New York, NY

Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas)

Hong Kong, China

Beijing, China (Family Trip)

Singapore, Malaysia

Santiago, Chile

Buenos Aries, Argentina

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


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