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Family Stuff We Like To Do

We like to do lots of things together as a family... here are just a few:

Daily Dinner and Weekend Lunches:

    Since we built the new kitchen we have a great casual place to congregate and discuss
    the day over our dinner. We eat together just about every day!

    We also cook real food from scratch most nights of the week, including BBQ (both
    Mum & Dad cook to set a good example...)

    Weekends see lots of salads, wraps, toasted sandwiches, panini, bread & cheese etc

Special Food:

    Occasionally either for ourselves or for guests we will do fondue (even chocolate fodue) or a build it yourself Taco Bar, Potato Bar or Pizza Bar. Alan often cooks Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, French and yes even English inspired food

Eating Out

    About once every week or two we select a favorite restaurant to eat out at

    Birthday's are always an eat out occasion at the choice of who-evers birthday it is

Game Night:

    Maybe once a month we'll sit down and play one of many board games we own,
    Just about ever Christmas we add to the variety!

Movie Night:

    Especially now we have the big screen TV - but for a while before too - we have a movie    
    night a couple of times per month. We quite often rent very old movies that we know will be
    fun (and new for Alex & Daniel).

    Often new movies just don't compare very well, sometimes the old movies don't compare well to our memories of them  either Popcorn as needed!

Special Occasions

    We often cook big meals or prepare elaborate brunches as a family for celebrations .. this is a time when everyone helps out in the preparations, cooking & serving


    For School breaks we often visit locations in Arizona for a spot of the outdoors - usually
    easy hikes to points of interest


    Every year we try to go away as a family on brief ski vacation either a weekend or spring
    break trip.

Summer Vacations:

    We always have at least a one week vacation in the summer and try to visit new places
    every year

Family Reunion Trips:

    About every 3 years we like to visit England and our families & old friends. We've rented
    big farmhouses in the country several times to have people come to stay with us.

    More recently we have been spending more time in the big cities - now the boys are older they enjoy
this more - London & Paris 


    We all come along to Soccer matches that Alex & Daniel are playing in to support


    About 3 times a year the Scout Troop holds a Court of Honor to award merit badges &       
    advancement awards and we all attend these meetings.

Fruit Smoothies/Cocktails:

    Alan (and now Alex too) quite often makes Fruit Smoothies for the whole family and sometime cocktails for the    
    select few (or even just himself).

Mall Trips:

    About once a month we make  family trip to the Shopping Mall for a wander around - a few
    purchases and quite often Lunch (often at Panda Express!). We vary where we go - so there
    is usually something new to see or do..

Pool Party:

    Usually once per year (or more) we will host a pool party at our house for friends - with
    the waterfall and waterslide, mister system, music and sun umbrellas it usually works out well! 

Summer Water Park Trip:

    Every year Alan takes Alex, Daniel and a couple of selected friends to a day at the water park - usually to Big Surf

Halloween Party:

   With the fire pit going the Moore's is a great place for friends to come and hang out after trick or treating (or these days perhaps instead)

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