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My Work:

I work as an engineer in the electronics industry in integrated circuit ("chip") design and currently work for Marvell Semiconductor Inc. since Nov 2006 - having transitioned with a whole Intel group that was bought by Marvell. I previously worked for Intel Corporation for almost 23 years!

My first job after college was in 1978 - in Southampton, England working for Philips Semiconductors as a IC design engineer. During my time at Philips I developed a phase angle motor controller for induction motors (for a tumble dryer), a TV/Teletext IR remote control transmitter, a Teletext decoder. I was an architect for part of the the decoder chipset for the first ever CD-player decoder system and finally developed a sound processor chip for an early Magnavox video game system.

In 1984 I joined Intel in Swindon, England and worked on a graphics coprocessor and developed the primary silicon component for Intel's Multibus2 industrial bus system. I later worked on Intel's new ASIC capability and traveled extensively throughout Europe for this to work with customers.

In 1989 I moved with Intel to Phoenix, Arizona and managed several technology exchange deals with Daimler-Benz in Heilbron, West Germany, Unisys in San Diego, CA and Hewlett-Packard in Corvalis, OR as well as working on designs for 80C51 based controller ASIC's. I managed development teams to create both the fastest ever i960 family processor (i960CF) and a high volume i960SA variant for Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer line. I later managed the development of the i750PB2 video processor the last and highest performance member of the i750 family.

I helped create and manage Intel's Arizona Development Center with about 170 engineers participating in developing the initial Pentium with MMX Technology processor as well as Pentium 'Overdrive' processors and eventually the initial members of the Intel Itanium processor family including the first Itanium and several Itanium2 processor variants.

In 2002 I transitioned to Intel's XScale (ARM) processor group focused on getting into the cell phone processor business and managed the development & ramp of the very successful 'Bulverde' PXA27x family of XScale based processor products - with ultimately over 100 million sold.

2006 brought the major change - moving out of Intel with a similar business focus... I have worked on various integration issues into Marvell, XScale SoC Validation and major customer programs with RIM the makes of Blackberry phones.

Who knows what comes next... Maybe its time for a complete career change... I've now been working in electronics for the last 34+ years! - how did that happen!... 

Time goes by... but its been an interesting and mostly fun ride...

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