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To Do List:

I am a keeper of lists! I'm always jotting down lists of things I need to do, would like to do and have done.... So no surprise I have a To Do List - actually many different ones...

See the Travel Planner Page for some ideas for future vacations/places to visit - and I have a much longer list of places I'd like to go than appears there...

Here is some of the rest of the list:

- Publish at least one book by electronic publishing - test the waters / make some money

- Publish a real hard copy book as well !

- Get the family web site completely fleshed out as originally envisaged

- Complete my 928 Electrics Projects Book Text

- Finish up all the projects on my cars that I have started to describe (good enough to photo)

- Start exercising regularly (stretching/weights etc)

- Complete the Philmont Trek this summer

- Start a small side business for fun and learning

- Find/Construct a family cabin retreat (where)

- Learn to Snowboard

- Learn to ride my Unicycle!

- Take a Race Driving course @ Bondurant Driving School

- Start regular Mountain Biking again

- Hike down into Havasupai Canyon & on down to the Colorado river

Many more!


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